How the Trump-Russia investigation could affect the GOP convention

The GOP convention is in a bad place.

As a result, the party is going to have a very difficult time holding on to the Republican nomination, which is exactly what’s happened here in Cleveland. 

 It’s not just the delegates, either.

This week, the GOP has decided to nominate an establishment candidate who’s been a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump, who’s a self-promoter who’s not much of a politician, and who’s openly opposed to the president’s agenda. 

And there’s an element of truth in that. 

Trump is a billionaire, and he owns the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

But he also has a history of flouting convention rules by refusing to abide by party rules and conventions. 

He’s also a Republican who has been criticized by many Republicans for his treatment of women, as well as by some in his own party for his failure to denounce white supremacists, the KKK, and other white supremacists. 

There’s also the matter of Trump’s family. 

In June, a woman named Kathleen Willey alleged that Trump had sexually assaulted her when she was a minor.

She later claimed that he denied it and had her drop the lawsuit. 

After Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka told the New York Times that Trump once offered her a job, she was fired from her job as a receptionist. 

The president’s daughter, Ivanka, who is married to a Trump business executive, said at the time that she and her husband were considering legal action against the White House.

But there are more serious issues with Trump’s campaign. 

For instance, there’s a significant amount of criticism coming from the left. 

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been dogged by accusations of sexism and racism, which have only grown in the wake of Trump winning the presidency. 

Democrats have also been critical of Trump for his policies and his temperament, such as his continued opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and his decision to nominate a woman to be secretary of labor. 

This week, Trump announced that he’s dropping the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch, a conservative judge who would be the first member of the court to be confirmed by a Democratic president.

That’s not all. 

It appears that Trump is also considering renaming the convention site, a decision that has sparked criticism from Democrats and activists, including from the Black Lives Matter movement, who say that the convention is a symbol of racial injustice. 

But for the most part, Trump has been able to hold on to his party’s nomination. 

“The RNC has been a party that’s very pro-Trump and pro-business, and it’s been the one that’s been supportive of the Trump administration, and there’s no indication that they’re changing that,” said Sarah McBride, a senior adviser to the Clinton campaign.

“If the RNC can’t hold on, the Democratic convention is going take a very big hit.” 

This is not the first time the convention has faced problems. 

A year ago, Trump was the target of a protest after he refused to take down a Confederate statue in the center of the convention venue.

He later apologized for the incident and promised to do better. 

As the RNC convention got underway, delegates from states where Trump won were gathered to protest him, which resulted in rioting and looting in some parts of the city. 

Some of those who were arrested were released on bail, but others, including two young girls, were taken to jail. 

Despite the protests, Trump’s supporters had their own problems on Saturday, as the party decided to host a fundraiser for the Trump Organization. 

While it’s not clear how much money the convention will need to sustain itself through the convention, there are a number of ways that the party can reduce the number of protesters, McBride said. 

If the DNC is in trouble, it can do things like limit the number who can attend the event, which has led to a number protests in the past. 

Additionally, the RNC could set up a joint fundraising committee with the DNC. 

All of those things, in conjunction with Trump making it clear that he is not running for president, could make it very difficult for him to maintain his party status.

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