A hotel for the price of a dinner

When it comes to the price tag, a dinner in the heart of the Poconos is a lot more expensive than in the upscale hotels around Tel Aviv.

But, for those in the region, the Pobodos hotel in downtown Poconosa is a bargain compared to other pricey hotels.

The hotel is not only a gem of the region’s tourist season, it’s also one of the most popular spots for families visiting the resort.

“The Pocono has become a place for families to stay.

Families have come to the resort to relax,” said Alon Ziegler, an owner of Hotel Poconoso.”

For the families, the hotel is a place to have a meal, eat, and relax,” Zieglers son, Yosef, said.

“For us, it is the best hotel for families.

We like to stay here, and we love the Pocos.”

In the past few years, the resort has become popular for tourists from across the Middle East, especially in recent years, when the hotel and the nearby Poconot restaurant have gained popularity.

“They have always had a great reputation,” Zellers son said.

The resort also offers free Wi-Fi.

“They are really popular with Middle Eastern families,” Zeezer added.

For now, Ziegers son is still looking for a place where he can take his family.

“We will see what happens,” he said.

Ziegerman has been renting a room for $350 a night for the past six months.

He’s looking for an apartment in the resort that will be affordable, but is also close to the hotel.

“We can’t find the place that is affordable for us right now,” Zeller said.

He is planning to get married there next year.

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