What to expect from the US presidential race: Candidates vying for the White House are facing tough questions in Indian state capitals, says India Today

NEW DELHI: Candidate Donald Trump has been slammed for his lack of foreign policy experience in a series of foreign trips, prompting him to distance himself from his family’s business empire.

Trump and his team have not visited New Delhi in months and India’s prime minister has repeatedly criticised his visit, saying it was not appropriate for a US president.

Trump has previously described India as a ‘model democracy’, but India’s leaders have been less supportive of his foreign trips.

A senior Indian official said the visit was not the first time Trump had failed to understand Indian sensitivities.

“The US has become a major power in the region and a major contributor to regional stability, but the Indian people do not fully understand its geopolitical interests and its security interests,” said Ananth Kumar Bhattacharya, a professor at the Indian Institute of Science.

Trump is the Republican nominee for president, and India has long been a crucial US ally.

The US has an estimated 10,000 troops based in India, and Washington and Washington are the world’s two biggest arms exporters.

The Indian government has criticised the US’ policy towards India, saying that US policies have been “inclusive and supportive of US interests” in the Indian subcontinent.

India’s defence ministry has warned that Trump’s visit would be seen as a challenge to regional security and stability.

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