How to find a FLOTUS to be your favorite presidential guest

Florida Keys Hotels, the hotel chain with the biggest presence in the state, is looking for an executive to serve as its “Official Presidential Guest.”

The company will host the 2016 Presidential Campaign on the resort, according to a press release.

The company, which has a presence in 18 states, announced the move to the Sunshine State back in August, after being courted by President Barack Obama and other potential guests, according the release. 

In addition to the Presidential Campaign, Floridas hotels will host several fundraisers and other events in their facilities. 

“Floridas Hotels will be welcoming Presidential Candidates and their family members to its Resort in order to raise awareness and help them understand the importance of the Presidential campaign,” the release stated.

“Florida Key Events is excited to welcome our Presidential Candidate to the Florida Keys.

We will also be inviting other candidates to visit our hotel to hear the message of #Trump2016, and hear their views on the Presidential Race.” 

The company has been trying to recruit a new Presidential Guest since 2013, but the efforts came to a halt after the Florida Attorney General’s office ruled in favor of the company in a lawsuit filed by the former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, and his family.

In July, Florida Gov.

Rick Scott announced that he was “deeply disappointed” in the decision, and said the company would “absolutely not” host a presidential campaign in his state.

The Florida Keys, which are in the middle of a severe drought, has been plagued by wildfires in recent years.

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