How to buy a new hotel in the US for less than $200

A US-bound holidaymaker who was told he would have to pay a $200 fee to book a hotel in Australia may have to do so for the rest of his life.

Read moreThe cost of the three-night hotel booking service has now topped $10,000 after it was revealed the fee was imposed on Mr Loh, who was travelling to the US on business.

Mr Loh was told that the booking company would charge a $6 fee for booking a hotel room in Australia, the first US booking site to be closed after it failed to meet a raft of requirements.

He said the company’s website had been down since July and that he was unable to access the booking process for two weeks.

“We had a very long and difficult process to get this to happen, which is why we are making this information public now, so that people who might be in a similar situation know that they don’t have to,” Mr Lom said.

“They can still book a room in an existing hotel in another state.”

I am a realist, but I am not optimistic that this will ever happen to another Australian, and it is not for the benefit of travellers who were told they were going to have to fork out $200 to get a hotel they would have otherwise paid to stay in Australia.

“The company’s Australian website has since been back up and running, but the company did not return calls seeking comment.

Mr Derryl said the firm had recently learned from a whistleblower that it had not met all the requirements of its US customer.

He was told the company had not complied with all of its Australian customer service requirements, which include informing customers of any changes to the booking system and ensuring that customers are able to check their payment information on their mobile phone, he said.

Mr John Derryn said the customer had received an apology from the company, but he was still worried about the cost.”

It’s just really frustrating.

We had hoped to be able to use this as a way to get to some sort of settlement, but it’s now been used as an excuse to get in the way,” he said, adding that it would cost about $1,000 to repair the damage.”

This is just a bad situation for everyone.

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