The real reason why you should not stay in one of the hottest spots on the planet

By now you know that the hottest places on Earth are in the Arctic.

And while it’s true that the Arctic is getting warmer, the exact opposite is true for the oceans.

The ocean is getting colder.

So if you have an insatiable thirst for the sun, you’ll be happier at a beach resort, where the ocean’s warmth is offset by the coldness of the air.

But if you’re planning to spend the next several months in the tropics, it’s best to be safe.

The best places to stay in the Tropics are on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

In this article we’ll explore some of the top five reasons to stay away from tropical resorts.

Why stay in tropical countries?

In the tropic regions, there’s a huge difference between the sea temperature and the average temperature.

The average sea temperature on the ocean is about 25 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the average on land.

On the ocean, there is more energy available to the plants and animals in the sea than there is in the atmosphere, so the average sea surface temperature is a lot warmer than land.

And if you live in a tropical country, it makes sense to have a place to stay that’s warm, dry, and quiet.

And since there’s more sun on the land, it means less shade.

In the Arctic, there are many people living on the sea and sea ice, so there’s less sunlight and shade.

And in the summer, when the temperature drops, the sun will be even less intense, making the sea cooler.

And that means the average daily temperature on land and sea is lower than in the tropical countries.

So, the troposphere in the Pacific is more like the tropically cool tropics.

And the sea is a little warmer.

But the ocean has less heat and less cold, so you get a lot of sun and shade in the winter.

In addition to the temperature difference, there also seems to be a lack of sea life in the ocean.

The vast majority of animals in our oceans live in the warm, salty waters of the ocean and eat a lot more food than their cousins on land, and that can cause algae blooms, which are extremely toxic and can kill fish and other animals.

This is one of many reasons why the tropopause in the Atlantic is warming.

While tropical islands are not as cold as islands in the temperate Pacific, the cold of the tropical seas can cause these animals to die.

In fact, the animals that live in warm waters are more likely to be found in warm water, and this is a trend that is going to continue.

If you’re in a place where you’re surrounded by wildlife, it can be a good idea to keep your distance from those animals.

But you’ll find a lot less danger on land from people and pets.

When you’re on the beach, you can enjoy the view, you have a lot to do, and you can stay safe, too.

You’ll probably have a nice time and enjoy a cool, warm environment, so it’s not like it’s cold.

But when you’re back on the mainland, it may be cold outside, and it may not be very windy, so people won’t feel safe around you.

And you’ll probably be less likely to get eaten by sharks or other dangerous animals.

You can find many of the same reasons to visit the tropos, including the ocean-adjacent resorts and beaches.

But there’s one thing you can do if you want to be able to enjoy all the benefits of the tropas troposphere: You can get a cabin.

You don’t have to live in one tropical country to stay at a cabin in another.

So you can go and spend the night in a cabin, but if you’ve got an open-air house, you could have a separate room for you and a friend.

You could have two separate rooms, and everyone could stay in their own room and go to the beach.

If it’s raining or windy and you want a cool place to sleep, it might be a better idea to rent a cabin or house from a tourist.

But, if you like the ocean in the way it’s supposed to be, you might prefer to stay with someone else, like your family.

It’s not a bad idea to buy a cabin if you know it’ll keep you warm in the hot season and make your room a pleasant place to spend your time.

It may seem like a lot, but there are a few things you can add to make it worthwhile.

When we think about it, we can spend so much time at a hotel.

But why not have your room open to the public for all of your activities?

You can rent a car, and the car can get you where you want.

There are a lot fewer people to worry about in the car.

And it’s easy to keep track of who owns the car, because you can check it in the morning and at

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