Best Western hotels in Chicago

Chicago’s best hotel chains are all expanding into the city’s newest, priciest and most expensive neighborhoods.

Here are the best hotels in the city right now, as well as some of their most anticipated additions.


Hilton Chicago and Hyatt Chicago Chicago’s two new flagship hotels, the Chicago Marriott and Hilton Chicago, have both received major upgrades.

Both new hotels are among the most expensive hotels in town.

The Hilton Chicago is a premium hotel, with rooms starting at $1,500 per night and up to $12,000 per night.

It also offers private rooms, but that option is limited to customers with a valid ID.

The Chicago Marriott has also added a rooftop pool.

The new hotel also offers more than 700 square feet of private bedrooms, and a rooftop bar, restaurants, and shops.

Its average price is $9,900 per night, and its new luxury suites have room sizes from 1,800 to 2,200 square feet.

Hyatt is also making major changes to its hotels.

The chain is expanding its Hyatt Express luxury hotel, which will be the first of its kind in the country, to include a rooftop patio.

It will have a private balcony and pool.

Hyatts hotel rooms have also been extended from three to five rooms, and there are a variety of indoor activities like bowling and poolside poolside games.


Marriott Chicago Marriott Chicago is another new hotel that will offer upscale, exclusive suites.

Marriott’s new hotels will offer guests the luxury of living in a home with a large private backyard, private gym, a gym with a private pool, an indoor pool with a steam room and indoor tennis courts, a private gym with tennis courts and a large indoor pool, a fitness center, a children’s playroom and a childrens’ playroom, an entertainment center, and an outdoor pool.

Marriott also has expanded its suite offerings to include childrens rooms, two- and three-bedroom suites, four- and five-bedroom apartments, and suites with a pool.


Hilton Miami-Dade Hilton Miami’s newest luxury hotel is going to be one of the most popular.

It is a $1 million luxury hotel with private balconies, rooftop pool and an indoor and outdoor pool, aswell as an outdoor lounge.

Its new hotel will also feature the same amenities as its other two flagship hotels.

It has a pool and spa, a restaurant and bar, a large kitchen, and more.


Hyman Houston Hyman is also a brand that has seen its share of upgrades in recent years.

It recently launched a $3 million fitness center and a new spa.

It plans to open a fitness facility that features yoga and other cardio workouts in the summer and a fitness gym in the fall.

Hymans hotel rooms offer an indoor fitness center as well, and Hymans is expanding their fitness center into the building’s courtyard.

Hymen also added new amenities for its guests including a private rooftop patio, two separate childrens playrooms, a new restaurant, a full bar and two full kitchens, a lounge, and indoor water slides.

Hymens is expanding into new areas in its hotel, including its new indoor outdoor pool and fitness center.


Kmart Chicago Kmart has also been updating its hotels in recent months, and it’s getting ready to open its first hotel, a $9 million luxury resort hotel.

It currently has a new, large indoor fitness room, an outdoor fitness room with a full-service bar and a fully-equipped spa.

The hotel is also adding an indoor water slide.


Holiday Inn Express Holiday Inn has been adding new luxury hotels to its list in recent weeks.

It’s opening a new hotel, the Holiday Inn Hyatt, in Chicago’s West Loop.

It already has a rooftop lounge and a pool, and the hotel is located just steps from the Loop’s famous Loop Walk.

It now also has a full fitness center in the lobby and an expanded outdoor fitness area.


Marriott The Marriott Hotel and Suites in Chicago has also seen an expansion in recent times.

The Marriott’s Hyatt has a large, private outdoor pool that offers up to 6,000 square feet, and another indoor pool.

It opened a fitness and wellness center in mid-July, and added a full indoor fitness and exercise area in its new West Loop hotel.

The Hyatt also recently added a separate outdoor pool to its West Loop Resort.

It can also be found in New York, and is currently expanding to a new city.


Holiday Town Holiday Town recently added two new luxury hotel options to its roster, adding the Hyatt Holiday Town Resort in the Chicago Loop.

The resort offers room sizes ranging from 1.5 to 3,000 sq. ft. and can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Rooms start at $3,700 per night for the four-bedroom suite, and $6,900 for the five-bed suite.

Rooms have a total floor area of

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