How to book hotel rooms in Niagara Falls, NY

Posted February 15, 2018 09:27:00 You might be wondering if it is worth it to book a hotel room in Niagara, New York, a city that is home to the world’s largest waterfall and a popular vacation destination for locals and tourists alike.

While the waterfalls’ popularity is not necessarily the reason for the popularity of hotels in the Niagara Falls area, it is a good way to find lodging in one of the world-famous attractions, experts say.

While Niagara Falls is a popular destination for vacationers, the Niagara Valley is home base for hotels, as the city’s hotels have been a major draw for the region for decades.

Hotel reservations are available online at and by calling 1-877-567-2662.

“For the past 20 years, there have been hundreds of hotels coming to the Niagara Region, but there has never been one that has managed to fill the demand,” said Jim Anderson, president and CEO of the Niagara Niagara Valley Hotels Association.

The hotel industry is not the only industry to see a surge in popularity with the region.

“It has become the number one destination in the country,” said Scott Kibler, CEO of The Hotel Group, an independent booking agency.

“We have had a lot of new people coming in and it’s been a huge success for us.”

Anderson said that hotels in Niagara have been booking well for the past few years.

“They have a big base of clients, and they have a lot more people than usual coming in.

The industry is growing fast,” he said.

The average occupancy rate for hotels in Canada is 7.7 percent, according to data from the International Hotels & Resorts Association (IHRA).

That’s the highest in the world, but it’s not a high occupancy rate.

The occupancy rate of a hotel is the percentage of a business that is occupied at any one time, not the total number of people.

In 2015, the average occupancy in Niagara was about 7 percent.

For the last year, the occupancy rate has been up about 5 percent.

Niagara Falls has a population of about 3.8 million people.

“I would say that Niagara has a fairly small hotel occupancy, because it’s only a small city,” said Steve Hickey, a spokesman for the Niagara Regional Municipality.

“But it’s an incredibly popular destination.”

According to the hotel industry, Niagara Falls had about 3,000 hotel rooms booked in the first quarter of 2018, up from 2,200 last year.

That was up by 40 percent from the same period last year and the highest occupancy rate since 2006.

“Hotel rooms have become so much more accessible and affordable in Niagara.

Hotels are so popular with locals and visitors, that it’s a big draw,” said Hickey.

He added that Niagara is a great place for tourists and locals.

“Visitors and locals are attracted to Niagara, and that attracts hotels to come and stay,” he added.

The Niagara Valley Hotel Association also reports that the Niagara Hotel Association is working on creating a Niagara Hotels Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Anderson said hotels in New York City are a good place to book an appointment, as well.

“The city has an extremely vibrant hospitality industry,” he noted.

“New York City has over 50,000 hotels, and about 75 percent of the hotel rooms are in New Jersey.”

“Hotels in NewYork are the best places to book,” Anderson said.

“There are plenty of options.”

Anderson is not alone in seeing Niagara as a popular spot for booking a hotel.

Hotel booking agencies such as Hotel Central New York and Marriott Worldwide are seeing a significant uptick in demand.

According to Hotel Central, the number of reservations for hotel rooms from the Niagara region increased by a third in the last month.

The increase in hotel bookings in the region is largely due to Niagara Falls being a popular place to stay, Anderson said, but he believes it is not solely because of Niagara Falls.

“If you are in a big city and you are trying to find a hotel, you can get a hotel by going to the Buffalo Niagara hotel.

They’re great, but Niagara is just as popular,” Anderson explained.

“In New York there are a lot fewer places to find good hotels than in Niagara.”

Anderson, who is also a certified agent for Hilton Hotels, believes that Niagara’s popularity is a factor.

“One of the biggest reasons for Niagara’s increased occupancy rate is that it is such a popular tourist destination,” he explained.

Anderson says that the trend is not limited to hotels.

“As the number and diversity of hotel guests in Niagara grows, the hotel business is booming in the area.

“When you have a very large city like New York or New Jersey, you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Niagara is”

People have moved to the city,” he concluded.

“When you have a very large city like New York or New Jersey, you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Niagara is

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