Las Vegas Hotel Vacations Report: July 2017

Las Vegas — With the heat rising and the humidity still heavy, hotel vacationers will have to do some extra research for the Las Vegas Convention Center’s new $5.7 million luxury hotel in July.

But for some of them, they can start looking for vacation homes right away.

The hotel, which opens June 3, is owned by MGM Resorts International.

The hotel, built for $8.4 million, will feature a restaurant, bar and bowling alley.

It also will be a hotel for the convention and entertainment industry, according to MGM.

MGM is one of the biggest sponsors of the convention, which is being held at the Las and is expected to generate $50 million in revenue for the resort.

Hotel guests will be able to choose between two hotel rooms: a suite for $11,200 and a double-room, $21,900 for the $22,200 room.

They can also choose from the other two suites, $11.50 for the suite and $13,800 for the single room.

The double room will include two suites and a breakfast bar.

The two suites are available in two configurations, with a private elevator for the first two nights, and a regular elevator for all three nights.

The first two guests will have the option to choose the second suite, but the elevator will not open during the night.

They will also have the choice to upgrade to a private cab for the final two nights of their stay.

The $7,000 hotel room rate starts at $22.80 per night and includes a breakfast buffet, wine and beer, spa services, an indoor/outdoor pool, massage services and a gym.

It is located at the Convention Center.

To find out if your city has a hotel available, visit the hotel website or call the hotel at 702-543-8800.

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