Why I’m buying the Marriott and the Stranley hotel, and why I’m not in love with them

I’m going to give the Marriott my all.

It’s a beautiful place, a place I like to call home.

I like it a lot.

It has a good food and drink menu, and it has a great vibe.

And I love the service and the staff.

And, of course, it has one of the best locations for vacation rentals, too.

But the Stretford hotel?

That’s where I would say my heart lies. 

It’s a luxury hotel, but for me, that’s just another reason I’m getting out of there.

Here’s why: The Strethan hotel, which opened its doors in late 2016, has a lot going for it: It’s not a big hotel, it’s not really on the tourist map, it is not in a major metropolitan area, and you can get a good price at its $150 per night rate.

Plus, it gets you closer to the city, so you don’t have to drive to your destination. 

The hotel also has a wonderful rooftop deck, and that makes it a great spot to enjoy a romantic dinner or a relaxing night on the town.

There are no hard feelings here.

Here are five reasons why I love this hotel: 1.

It gives me an easy escape from the real world I spend so much of my time in. 

Stretford is located right outside of the city limits of London, so it’s easy to walk there and not feel as if you’re really part of London.

But for me as a traveler, that makes Streten a great destination for a trip.

It feels like a small town surrounded by a large city. 


I can spend time in Stretne’s historic district, with its historic buildings and history. 

For me, the best part of the hotel is that it has all these wonderful historic buildings that have all been restored, which I love. 


It offers the best amenities to accommodate all of my needs. 

While the Stramers hotel has a fantastic breakfast buffet, it lacks the variety of snacks and drinks that I love at the Marriott.

And while the Strens hotel has good breakfast sandwiches, it doesn’t have as many of those as the Marriott does. 


It is conveniently located right on the Thames River, which is easy to get to, and convenient to the rest of London’s area. 

With Stretnaes waterfront, it offers easy access to the water, a great beach, and lots of great restaurants, bars, and shops. 


It can be a great place for a short trip from the city.

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