Hotels in Texas are taking it one step further to enforce transphobia

On Monday, a transgender woman named Lacy Mink was in the process of making a change in her life when a hotel security guard approached her and asked her about her gender identity.

When Mink said that she had never had a problem at the hotel, the guard immediately removed the key to the room and left.

The incident sparked outrage in Dallas and beyond, with the hotel company telling local news outlets that the security guard’s behavior was “inappropriate and discriminatory.”

The hotel chain issued a statement saying that it would be “improving the security of its guests and guests’ guests” and that it had “zero tolerance” for harassment and discrimination.

“We’re extremely disappointed with the actions of our guest security guard in Dallas this weekend,” the statement said.

“The behavior we’ve seen in Dallas is not representative of the hotel.

We are doing everything we can to remedy this situation.”

A representative for the hotel chain said that they have since made changes to the way they handle guests who may feel uncomfortable.

“I don’t think it was a perfect example, but I think that the guard was not in the right place at the wrong time,” the spokesperson told The Huffington Post.

“We have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind.”

The company did not address Mink’s specific case, but did say that they were working with the Dallas Police Department to investigate the incident.

The company has since released a statement that reads:”The safety and security of our guests and guest guests’ is our top priority.

We will continue to improve our guest safety procedures and procedures to make sure that guests feel comfortable and comfortable in the hotel they choose.”

Dallas is one of the more conservative cities in the country, but the number of transgender people in the state is growing.

The Texas State Board of Health has estimated that there are at least 30 transgender people living in the city alone.

According to the Houston Chronicle, there are currently five transgender people of color on the Houston Health Department’s waiting list.

The hotel chain added a note to its website saying that they are “making changes to our policies in an effort to ensure the safety of our Guests, Guests’ guests and our guests’ Guests.”

The statement continued, “We also understand the impact our guest’s family members and guests may have on our guests by being uncomfortable or uncomfortable with these changes, but that is a personal choice for each individual Guest.”

The Dallas Police Chief has already spoken out about the incident, calling the incident “an example of how we are trying to protect our community.”

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