Why Google is spending $1.6 billion on hotels in Australia

By Chris MorrisThe search giant is spending a record $1 billion on Australian hotels in the coming year, according to a report by The Age.

The newspaper reported that the search giant’s $1,934 million spend in Australia was made up of $750 million in advertising revenue and $250 million in hotel occupancy.

Google Australia, which has a presence in Sydney and Melbourne, has already invested $500 million in the region in recent years.

The company is currently advertising on the ABC News program Four Corners, a project that is also expected to generate additional revenue.

In an interview with The Age, Google Australia’s chief operating officer Andrew Wilson said Google was targeting a “major audience in Australia”, adding that it wanted to increase the amount of advertising that was produced in Australia.

“Our aim is to get our ad spend into the $2 billion range,” he said.

“We think we’re going to have the strongest advertising and marketing efforts in Australia.”

Wilson said that the Australian Government’s decision to increase its tax break to corporations from individuals would help Google expand in the country.

He also pointed to the company’s recent expansion in New York City.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in the interview with the newspaper that the company was not planning to expand to Australia.

He said that he believed that the government’s decision was a “positive step”.

“We are going to be a major player in Australia and that’s why we’re investing,” he told the newspaper.

“In terms of expanding into the market we’re not quite ready to talk about it.”

But the world is changing and it’s time for us to step up.

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