The best hotel deals around Las Vegas

The best hotels deals around the Las Vegas Strip have been released ahead of the Super Bowl, with prices starting at $2,200 for a room in a four-star hotel and $1,400 for a suite at the Wynn.

In a move designed to drive up hotel occupancy and boost business at the Strip, a number of hotels across the city are offering free shuttle buses from their hotel terminals.

The shuttle buses will depart from the Vegas Strip Convention Center on Sunday and return on Monday to the hotels in the area.

“The first shuttle bus will depart at 8:30am and return to the hotel at 9:30 am,” the website says.

“There will be no charge for the shuttle, except for taxes and fees.

You will not be charged for your stay.”

The website notes that the buses are free of charge.

Hotel Transylvans hotel in Las Vegas, which will be offering a free shuttle bus, said it had already been offering free shuttles to guests.

“We are currently in the process of making a small amount of concessions to accommodate the influx of guests,” the hotel said in a statement.

“However, we will not have any additional shuttle buses on hand in the near future.”

While the shuttle buses may appear to be a bargain, hotel owners will be expected to book their rooms ahead of time.

“If you book in advance and know you are going to be staying in a hotel, you will need to book a room by Tuesday, February 13, to secure your free hotel shuttle,” hotel management firm P.T. Clark told ABC News.

The cost of a room at the new Wynn Resorts World Resort in Las Las Vegas is expected to be around $2.4 million per night.

The Wynn is the only hotel to have a Super Bowl-themed lobby.

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