Why the Republican Party needs to start treating the Donald Trump voters as winners

The GOP is desperately trying to make a comeback.

Its been a long time since we had a Republican president who could win a state, a major political event, and the White House.

The party is on the ropes, and its been a decade since we’ve had a major candidate who could even win a primary.

Its not that Trump is a bad guy, but his supporters are just as likely to be his bitter enemies as their supporters are his supporters.

In other words, Trump’s supporters are the party of Trump and his voters are its bitter enemies.

The GOP needs to make an effort to unite its bitter-Trump voters, or else its going to fail.

And that means making its supporters more loyal to the party.

It also means finding a way to persuade its bitter voters to actually get to the polls and vote for Trump.

Its a big challenge for a party that prides itself on its ability to do both.

So far, Republicans have made some progress.

In 2012, Republicans were able to flip several red states, including Kansas and Arkansas.

Now, the GOP has a big state lead in Georgia and Texas.

But even that success was a mixed bag.

Republicans were the big winners of the election, and they were able, by and large, to turn out their most loyal supporters.

But they have been able to keep the party loyal to Trump’s voters by having them vote for the party in general.

The more Trump supporters you have, the less likely you are to vote for a Democrat.

This is why the GOP needs a strategy to make its bitter Trump voters more loyal, and to persuade those loyal supporters to vote against Trump.

A new Republican strategy To try to get a bigger share of the bitter Trump vote, Republicans need to focus on persuading its bitter Republicans to actually vote for them in the general election.

That is why Trump is the GOP’s most important asset in the current climate.

His supporters are not just its bitter enemy, but also its most loyal.

It is not just that Trump’s fans can vote for him in the election; they are also loyal.

They tend to vote Democratic because of their dislike of the Democrats.

That has made Trump the party’s most reliable constituency.

But if the party is to have any chance of winning back those voters, it will need to convince them that it is actually going to be the party that wins the general.

That means persuading those voters to vote to put a Republican in the White the White house.

That’s a tough sell, and one that is not easy to sell.

The Republican Party has been a Republican Party for nearly a century.

During that time, it has not been able consistently to make up for its inability to appeal to the interests of its bitter supporters.

There has been no clear explanation for why that is the case.

In the last century, many politicians have tried to explain why their parties failed to win elections.

They argued that they were not sufficiently conservative enough.

They were too liberal.

They didn’t take enough risks.

They couldn’t get enough white working-class voters.

These arguments were popular.

But it was all bunk.

The reality was that the GOP did have success at the polls.

It won more states than any other party during that period.

And, the party had the highest voter turnout in the nation.

The reason for this success is simple: Republicans have always had a strong base of loyal voters.

They are loyal because they believe the party they support represents them.

If the party wants to have success in the future, it needs to find a way for its loyal supporters not to become so loyal that they are willing to vote in droves against the party for which they are most likely to have a strong political base.

To do this, the Republicans will need a strategy.

It will require convincing the bitter Republicans that they actually do have a real chance of electing a Republican President.

The most important way the party can do this is to convince the bitter supporters that they want to be part of a party in the United States that is willing to take a tough, aggressive approach to fighting the next war, a war that could destroy the United State and possibly even its existence.

This strategy has been the GOP strategy since the beginning of its existence in 1890.

This means making the argument that the party has an opportunity to win a presidential election in the next several decades.

If it can do so, then it will be able to convince its bitter backers that it has the best chance of doing just that.

In some cases, this may actually be true.

But in most cases, the argument is wrong.

The next war is coming, and this time it is going to destroy the Republican party.

There is no other choice.

If Republicans are going to win the next election, it is time to make the case for its survival.

If we want to make progress, the Republican message must be one that appeals to the

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