Aurora: How to stay safe in a hotel near the beach

Auroras are known to be dangerous places to be, but a new hotel near Perth’s iconic beach is offering tips on staying safe and getting into the water safely.

The Aurora Hotel has been in the works for the last three years, but has been under construction for more than a year, with construction set to begin in 2019.

Its construction manager, Michael Gervais, said it would be an exciting time to stay in Perth as there would be a lot more amenities in the Aurora.

“The Aurora is a great place to be because there are a lot of amenities, which I think people will enjoy,” he said.

“I think the amenities will be much greater than the hotels around the CBD.”

We’ve got a nice pool, which is a big plus for people who like to swim.

There are a couple of pools, a tennis court and a spa.

“Aurora Hotel’s amenities include: a fully-furnished hotel room with pool, spa and gym facilities, as well as a fitness centre, as part of the hotel’s “The Lake” theme park and a lounge area with comfortable seating, including a pool and sauna.

The hotel has also plans to upgrade its indoor swimming pool with modern technology, with water heaters, an outdoor pool and a sauna, and a bar.”

As far as indoor swimming is concerned, the Aurora has an indoor swimming area, but it’s a little bit of a challenge for the indoor swimming community, because you have to go through a lot, so it’s not really easy to get into the pool,” Mr Gervas said.

The main issue with staying in the hotel, though, was how to get in and out of the Aurora hotel.”

You can’t get in or out,” he explained.”

If you want to be in the lobby, you have a door that opens into the outside and then a side door opens into your room.

“When you get to the lobby there’s a door on the right side of the building that opens onto a corridor that opens to the swimming pool.”

That’s a good way of getting in and going out.

“There’s also a door up the side of a building that’s also locked, so if you’re in a car, you need to take that door off and walk through the hotel.

But that’s a problem if you don’t have a car.”

Mr Gervases explained that there would also be security measures in place, including CCTV cameras, and that the hotel would have a “safe zone” to ensure that no-one could get into or out of it.

He said there were a lot people who would enjoy the hotel and said it was “the most comfortable” in Perth.

“It’s just an absolute paradise in a way,” he added.

“Auroras in Perth are very peaceful and relaxing and you can’t really get too far away from the hotel.”


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