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In the first six months of this year, we have experienced record levels of occupancy for our hotels in the Transylvian capital, Budapest.

The growth in hotel bookings was accompanied by record bookings at other Hungarian destinations.

Hotels have been able to cater to demand by offering a range of different types of services, such as the use of Wi-Fi, fitness centres and free WiFi at most of the hotel properties.

These types of experiences are not only appreciated by guests but also attract additional revenue and improve the visitor experience.

However, some hotels, especially those located near central Budapest, have been forced to take steps to reduce occupancy and provide additional services in order to meet the growing demand for their hotels.

To assist our hotels, we are currently introducing an enhanced booking system, which allows hotel guests to book up to three nights and up to eight nights per week for a single day.

As a result, we will have room availability in our hotels by the end of the year.

In the months ahead, we hope to see a significant increase in bookings and to continue to invest in the hotel and tourism industries to meet increasing demand from our visitors.

Our hotel occupancy has been a significant contributor to Hungary’s economic growth, which has been supported by the introduction of new and innovative products and services in our guest services and hospitality industries.

The continued expansion of our hotels and the introduction in the second half of this fiscal year of a new hotel at the Hotel Székesfehérvár is expected to further improve our hotel and guest services businesses.

With the introduction to our new hotel, we aim to further develop the hotel industry and continue to be a leader in the global hospitality industry, particularly in the region of Hungary.

The Government of Hungary has supported our hotel industry with tax incentives and other measures to support the development of our hotel sector, and we look forward to continuing to support and invest in our industry.

The Budapest hotel industry is a strong and well-respected sector in Hungary and we are confident that this support will be continued throughout the fiscal year.

We are proud of the outstanding work that our hotel owners and managers have done to improve hotel occupancy and to ensure that we meet the increasing demand for our services.

We have been working closely with the Government of Canada and our local and international partners in support of this development.

The hospitality industry in Canada has enjoyed strong growth and employment opportunities in recent years.

While it is important that we continue to support this sector, we also know that many Canadians are concerned about the negative impacts of the current climate on their economy.

We know that this is not an isolated case.

Tourism Canada is aware of this concern and is working closely to address it.

The recent closure of the TransCanada pipeline, as well as the proposed Northern Gateway oil sands project, has been extremely damaging to the tourism industry in this province.

We look forward in the coming months to continue our efforts to strengthen the sector and to promote a more welcoming environment.

This includes investing in our hotel operating system, increasing the availability of free Wi-fi and other guest services, and increasing the number of guest rooms available for guests and visitors.

As part of this effort, we expect to see significant growth in our occupancy, as a result of increased hotel bookers coming to Budapest.

We will also continue to develop the hospitality industry to provide our guests with a more secure and enjoyable experience and to provide them with the best hotel accommodation.

Canada remains a great destination for tourists, and our tourism industry continues to grow at an incredible pace.

Canada is a major source of tourism for the Transcaucasus region and continues to attract visitors from all over the world.

We believe that it is in the best interest of our country to continue growing tourism and economic activity.

While we continue our focus on supporting our tourism sector, the Government recognizes that there is room for all sectors to be successful and we have made a commitment to the Trans-Caucasus Regional Economic Area and the International Transportation Cooperation Initiative (ITCII).

We are working closely on a number of initiatives to enhance the quality of life and economic development in the regions of Transcaucasia, including tourism, tourism investment, business development and regional cooperation.

We also welcome a number other regional partners in the trans-Caucasia Regional Economic Alliance and the Transatlantic Economic Partnership.

We encourage all of them to continue their efforts to improve the quality and value of life in their regions.

We continue to work closely with our international partners, particularly those in the Asia-Pacific region, to promote the positive effects of trade and investment opportunities and to help them build upon existing economic ties and build more prosperous economies.

We hope to be able to share this experience with Canadians in the future.

We thank all of our guests and all of the staff at our hotels for their continued commitment to making our guests feel welcome, safe and comfortable in their stay.

We appreciate their

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