When a new US president takes office, there will be a whole lot of travel to and from Washington, DC

WASHINGTON – A new US President will need to travel to the capital for the first time to visit his wife’s hometown and take his first official trip outside of Washington DC as part of a three-month period.

New US President Donald Trump has been sworn in to office on Friday and has been visiting his home state for the last month to attend state dinners and meetings.

He will then head to the White House for a visit to the United States Capitol to hold his first State of the Union address and attend the swearing-in ceremony of his first Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

As well as visiting the nation’s capital, Mr Trump will travel to Florida, Georgia and Florida and Ohio, as well as to Mexico City, Mexico, and the Vatican.

The US travel ban was introduced in late January and was aimed at banning travel from six Muslim-majority countries.

It was blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii who said it did not go far enough in restricting travel.

Mr Trump and his wife Melania are due to visit the United Kingdom in mid-February.

During his first year in office, Mr Kelly, who took over the role in late March, said Mr Trump would take his inauguration to the city’s National Mall, where a crowd of some 100,000 people had previously been expected.

But Mr Trump has also been on a three month break from Washington and has not taken any official state visits to the US.

There are now eight states that Mr Trump won’t be visiting in January 2019, according to the Department of State.

On Saturday, Mr Turnbull said he hoped the president-elect would visit Australia.

“I have not had a call from the president but we will be in touch and he is likely to come to Australia and visit the state capitals, and I think he will visit the Gold Coast and I hope he will come to Tasmania and visit Tasmania,” he said.

However, it remains to be seen whether Mr Trump, who has not yet taken any formal State of Origin matches, will play his first game in the AFL on Sunday. ABC/wires

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