How do we save Niagara Falls hotels?

As the city looks to save its hotels, its mayor has urged hotels to consider renaming and changing their branding.

The Niagara Falls Hotel, for example, could change its name from the North Star Hotel to the Niagara Falls Hotels Company.

Or the hotel could move from the former name Niagara Falls Niagara Hotel to Niagara Falls Inn.

In the past, hotel brands have been branded as either “hotels” or “hotel chains”, but the Niagara hotels are in fact hotels.

So how do we change our branding to reflect that?

In fact, there are many options for hotels to do so.

Some hotels have opted to adopt the word “Hotel” as a new name for their properties.

But if you are looking for a more traditional hotel brand, there is a very small list of hotels in New York that could choose to take on the name “Hotels”.

So what does the name change mean?

If you are going to change your name, then a renaming is the best way to do it.

You could also rename the hotel, or change the name of your business or property, if that is what suits you.

If you do decide to rename, consider how your name will be used.

The name could be the name on a business card or a website, or the name given to your brand, such as your restaurant, hotel or hotel group.

For example, if you had a company called The Niagara Falls Group, you could change the company’s name to Niagara Hotels Group, or even The Niagara Hotel Group, if it was your only name.

However, it is not always a good idea to rename a property, or your brand.

If you are the only one that owns a property and you need to change the branding, then you will need to find a new owner.

The renaming process can take up to a year.

And in some cases, there may be a legal requirement that you must take a legal action to have the name changed.

Some hotel brands, such Ascot Inn and Royal Inn, have opted for renaming the properties themselves, and have also made sure to change their names on their websites.

If the renaming was not successful, the brand could then take legal action against you.

As with any legal action, it’s important that you contact the brand if you wish to change any of the name changes.

If your brand is not in favour of changing your name or branding, you can also take legal advice from an attorney to change that name, or at least rename your business, property or business as a way of protecting your rights and interests.

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