Which hotel brands will be taking the Florida vacation next?

Destin, Florida—The Florida Keys are starting to feel like a tropical paradise again.

While Florida’s largest city, Tallahassee, has experienced some devastating flooding, its beaches have seen a surge in hotel occupancy and are looking a lot nicer than they did just a few weeks ago.

Hoteliers are also looking to capitalize on the region’s summer weather by expanding their reach into the warmer parts of the state, especially during the summer months.

The latest signs point to some big changes ahead for the state’s hotel industry.

The first is the introduction of the $50,000 Marriott Vacation Club.

The new resort, which will be located in Daytona Beach and will be operated by the Marriott Resorts group, will be the first to offer both a standard hotel and a luxury suite option for a price tag of $1,400 per night.

The hotel, with its three-star resort designation, will include the following amenities:A rooftop terrace overlooking the oceanThe luxury suite room with rooftop terraces on two sidesThe ocean view, ocean views and poolAccess to the spa and swimming poolThe luxury Suite Room will be able to accommodate up to five guests at once, with a maximum capacity of three guests.

The resort will also have a rooftop terracotta wall that will offer spectacular views of the ocean.

While the price tag doesn’t appear to be too high, the company is hoping that the resort will attract people to the Florida Keys, particularly during the busy summer months when people tend to be more willing to spend money.

The hotel will be a bit smaller than most other resorts in the region, so it will be easier for guests to book online or book in advance.

The resort will include an outdoor deck, with swimming pools, restaurants and a spa.

The company also plans to open a hotel in Fort Myers, but it will only open in 2017 and not until at least 2019.

The announcement of the resort comes on the heels of a major hotel development in Palm Beach County.

The Marriott Residences of West Palm Beach, a $1.9 billion development, will move into the old hotel site in the center of the city and will include two luxury suites, the Sheraton Palm Beach and the Sherwood Inn.

It is slated to open in 2019 and be operated out of a brand new building in Fort Lauderdale.

Hotels have long been seen as a major draw in the Florida area.

Florida is also home to some of the highest rates of vacation rentals in the country, and the popularity of the area has been a major reason why.

Hotemakers are also eager to open their properties in Florida during the warmer months, and in the past two summers the state has been especially active in expanding its resort industry.

But the resort industry has been slow to capitalize and most of the country has been experiencing a record-breaking year in the hotel industry, as people move to other parts of their states to escape the hot weather.

The first new resort opened in the state last week, with several others expected to open this summer.

But it is likely that the trend will continue, especially as the rest of the nation sees a rebound in the number of vacationers who have decided to spend the summer in Florida.

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