$2.7M lawsuit claims hotel rooms cost more than $500 a night

NEW YORK — A New York City lawyer said Friday that he has filed a $2 million lawsuit against a hotel in Queens that charges as much as $500 for rooms that are not “adequate.”

The suit filed Friday by the New York Civil Liberties Union says the “suspicion that the hotels hotel rooms are a cost-cutting measure” is “based solely on the assumption that the rooms are furnished for a fraction of their actual cost.”

The lawsuit claims the hotels luxury hotel rooms that have been leased to the hotel company are supposed to be furnished with “an average of 20 percent of their value.”

In fact, the lawsuit alleges, the hotels room rate for a room that is not furnished is only “a fraction of the actual cost of the room.”

“The hotels hotel room rate is a function of two factors: the amount of space available and the price of the rooms.

These two factors can be significantly different,” the lawsuit states.

The suit is the latest in a string of lawsuits against luxury hotels in recent months.

Last month, a New York judge ordered two luxury hotel operators in Manhattan to pay $20 million to settle similar claims.

And in July, a former hotelier who claimed to have been forced to leave the industry by the hotel industry over complaints filed against him for allegedly discriminating against Asian women was ordered to pay more than a half million dollars in penalties and restitution.

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