How to take advantage of Sacramento’s hotel occupancy rates

Sacramento is one of the cities that can’t afford to lose its hotels.

But the city has had the largest occupancy rate decline in the US in the last decade, according to a recent study by research firm CB Insights. 

The study, which looked at the number of hotel rooms booked per person in the Sacramento area, showed that from 2010 to 2017, Sacramento lost more than 60,000 hotel rooms, or 11 percent of its total hotel occupancy rate. 

And that number is down from more than a quarter million rooms in 2020, the study found. 

Sacramento is also home to the largest number of people with credit card debt, according CB Insight.

That includes about 3.3 million people with $10,000 or less in debt, the company said. 

With this in mind, the Sacramento City Council is considering whether to allow the city to allow for an increase in hotel occupancy in 2018. 

In order to make the increase happen, the council has to vote to authorize a hotel tax increase.

But in order to pass the bill, it will need to pass two more committees.

One is an oversight committee and the other is a budget committee, according the Sacramento Bee. 

But it is unclear what kind of tax hike would be necessary to make this happen.

The city is currently charging about $20 for a night at the Sacramento Convention Center. 

Another option could be for the city council to allow local hotels to charge higher rates.

That would allow the hotels to retain more room occupancy, according Reuters. 

If you have more questions about hotel occupancy, visit our FAQ page.

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