The ‘Biggest Boston Hotel in America’ has been renamed Foxwoods Resort Hotel de Paris

By Medical News Now Boston (MNS) — The “Biggest” Boston Hotel is getting a new name.

The Foxwoods Hotel de France, or Foxwoods, has been getting a makeover, as Foxwoods Group announced on Tuesday that it is changing its name from Foxwoods to Foxwoods Resorts.

The name change is effective immediately.

The name change comes as Foxwood Group, the parent company of Foxwoods Hotels, has seen a number of changes since last year.

Foxwoods Holdings, the holding company for FoxwoodsHotels, was sold in 2014.

Foxwood Hotels was bought by Hilton Worldwide Holdings LLC in 2018.

The Hilton Worldwide Group, which operates the hotel chain, announced that Foxwoods would continue to operate as Foxy Hotels in 2021.

Foxwoods Resort Hotel de Parais has been known for its luxury accommodations in downtown Boston.

Its name has been synonymous with the city since it opened in 2003, with more than 150 guest rooms.

The hotel also has rooms for guests to stay in the winter.

Foxwood Hotel de Paris, which has more than 300 rooms, opened in 2012.

It has a guest room and an upper level spa room with a waterfall, an outdoor deck, a spa, and a spa pool, among other amenities.

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